Europia – Documentary

Documentary: EUROPIA – “Our European Dreams“


  • The aim is the realisation of a documentary in which people from the countries of all participating schools speak about THEIR personal European dream, not just students and teachers, but people from very different social and educational background and of different ages. We hope that the film will show that despite all differences there is something like a common “European Dream“, or rather “European Dreams“.
  • At the same time, the sequences are meant to convey impressions of the participating towns and people living in these towns in order to give an idea of both the heterogeneity and the similarities of the European cultural heritage. Therefore the interviews should be filmed at representative places of the town.
  • Eventually, all different places and people will be united in one documentary. Each school is responsible for editing their material, adding English subtitles and sending their final cut to the coordinating school.

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