Plastic Free Day

“Plastic free” school day aims:

  • to shape responsible citizens in waste management
  • to educate students on the harmful effects of using plastic
  • propose avoidance solutions with alternative products to replace disposable plastics
  • implement good practices in the school community for the benefit of society and the environment

Responsible students for “Plastic Free Day”

France: Léa Champion, Camille Le Bachelier, Séphora Arnould, Inès Gruez, Lou Strozykowski, Enora Ligot, Manon Nail

Germany: Matilda Frey, Assal Amini, Feline Wolff

Greece: Katerina Charalampaki, Maria Mprokou

Italy:Beulah Srikanthakumar, Andrea Greco, Mattia Lo Coco

Portugal: Joel Martins, Joana Sofia

Romania: George MIHOC, Georgiana DUMEA

Plastic Free Day in Greece (Click here)

Greek Poster

Plastic Free Day in Italy (Click here)

Italian Poster

Plastic Free Day in France (Click here)

French Poster
Portuguese Poster
Portuguese Poster
Romanian Poster

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