5th Mobility – Palermo

Palermo -Italy

15th December -17th December 2020

A different Erasmus meeting (an article from Greek team)

The Erasmus team of our school had the opportunity to live a new experience last week! A trip of students and teachers to Palermo (Italy)was held online! Following the instructions of European erasmus NAs, were placed physical mobility activities with virtual ones, organised by the Italian school IPSSAR Paolo Borsellino.

Our school team consisted of 7 third grade students, who had also participated in the programme the previous school year, and of 3 first graders, members of our new European team.

Our preparation started several weeks ago, experimenting with Greek and Italian cuisine, making online games and studying digital tools, in which each group had stored information about its country and home town,customs, cuisine, as well as its ecological footprint. So, after we had prepared well, we took part in the activities, which started on Tuesday, December 15, with a musical welcoming from students and the tenor music teacher of the Italian school. This was followed by a presentation of the 6 schools and an acquaintance of the participants through the “ wonder.me” platform, an activity that excited students and teachers. The day ended with kahoot games.

On Wednesday 16 December we had the opportunity to get to know the cooking of our European partners and to present our.  In the end we cooked following the instructions given by the Italian students.

Here you can see all the recipes.


The next day was dedicated to music. After an online lesson from the Italian tenor, we all sang the Italian song “Volare” . The activities continued with student group meetings, in which students presented their ideas for a more sustainable school.

On Friday 18 December and Monday 21, the activities ended with meetings of the coordinating teachers and the principals of the 6 schools.

It was a great experience!!!

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